We love fitness. We met through fitness and quickly discovered that we share similar passions and values. We worked out together every day for two years and spent time together outside of the gym, raising our children together, drinking wine together, and talking fitness.

Fitness has been an instrumental part in both of our lives, and we wanted to share the power of fitness with others. We saw a need for a full-body program that would deliver real results with a very low risk of injury to men and women of all fitness levels. Indoor rowing is not only safe because it's low impact, but it also delivers an awesome cardio workout. 

Each class is a motivational experience, set to high-energy music packed with inspiration and heart. When the lights go down and the music gets loud, our Crew digs deep, rowing hard to reach our fitness and weight loss goals.

The Crew Fitness experience reaches far beyond the rower: we are a community of men and women that values health and happiness, and we believe fitness is integral to achieving both. We row because it feels good to be fit and happy and healthy. We row because it relieves stress. We row because it's sustainable fitness.

We row for life.





The Concept2 rower is recognized by competitive rowers as the standard for indoor training.  The Model-D is the same machine used by Olympic and elite-level athletes to train for their sport.  Its performance monitor provides accurate, comparable data for every row, can wirelessly monitor heart rate, and can connect to other rowers for races. 

THE facility

Conveniently located on Airport Boulevard, our 2500-square-foot facility offers a beautiful, open studio equipped with state-of-the-art Concept 2 rowers. We also offer showers, changing rooms, and lockers for safe storage of your belongings while in class. The childcare area is a safe, interactive place for your children to enjoy during class time, with reliable staff to watch over them.