The claim: Rowing uses mostly upper body strength.
The verdict: FALSE!

The truth is that rowing works 84% of all of the muscles in the body, and the power in a strong row is generated by the LEGS. We row using legs, then core, then arms. The momentum of the drive is generated by the legs and continued by the core, and then completed by the arms, in the catch.

The rower is really the perfect machine for training the whole body. Rowing is awesome cardiovascular exercise at low impact to the joints.

Indoor rowing has long been used by endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers, and triathletes to cross train their cardiovascular system and increase aerobic capacity.

Sprint intervals on the rower will shred fat and boost metabolism for hours post workout. The combination of mean rowing and clean eating is going to create a strong, vibrant, healthy CREW!

Row for life!



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