Hurricane Harvey has brought an unprecedented onslaught of rain to Houston. Residents throughout the city are being forced to their roofs, seeking boat and helicopter rescue. Our own Dan Strange, U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, is working rescue operations tirelessly, and we salute his service and his bravery.


We are praying for Houston and for the health and safety of everyone affected by the storm, as well as the men and women working on rescue operations and the relief effort.

We are also asking for donations to Global Giving’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Giving is easy through the Global Giving website. In addition to your donations, Crew Fitness MOB will donate 50 cents each time you check into Crew on Facebook or geo tag us in your photos on Instagram. Use the hashtags #hurricaneharveyrelief and #checkinforcharity with your post.

Dan and Marcia’s home did not flood; they do have power; and they are safe. We are thankful for their health and for Dan’s service, and we pray for Marcia's peace of mind as Dan presses on fulfilling his life's calling - a true hero, rescuing our fellow citizens from their flooded homes. Show them support with your check-ins and give them a shout-out when you make your posts!