Stacy Barber rowed the first-ever Crew Fitness class in Carrie’s backyard with a boombox and 5 children running all around us. We are honored and excited to formally announce Stacy as a Crew Fitness coxswain, even though she’s been coaching here for months.

Stacy believes fitness is a vital aspect of health and happiness, right after food, water, and air. She ran her first marathon in April, and she’s hungry for more. In fact, she’s currently training for a September Ironman 70.3! Stacy uses rowing to cross-train her strength and endurance for all of her other fitness.

On top of her full-time office job, Stacy also coaches a running class at the YMCA Downtown Branch.

Her greatest accomplishment to date is her 4-year-old daughter Presley. Presley attends St. Mary’s Catholic School, but she would run the place if they would let her!