Crew Fitness Mobile is excited to host the Cooper Cup on Saturday, April 27. The Cooper Cup is a fundraiser regatta event celebrating the future child of Bryan and Megan Cooper, longtime members at Crew MOB seeking to adopt. All proceeds will benefit that process for the Coopers.


There are 3 events at the Cooper Cup: the 500m Sprint, the 2K Regatta, and the 100m Bracket Challenge. Cost of entry is $20 for one event or $30 to enter all 3. Prize packs will be awarded to the top 3 male and female rowers in each event. Additionally, we will award ALL 2K PRs with $5 Crew Cash! In the spirit of Crew Fitness, your biggest competitor is always YOURSELF, and we celebrate all PRs!

The day will begin at 8:00am with heats of the 500m sprint, and it will end with the 2K Regatta. The 100m Bracket Challenge will be a March Madness style head-to-head tournament of 100m sprints that will run all morning culminating with one champion in the men’s division and one in the women’s.

We’ll have food and drink for purchase, lots of fun, lots of laughing, and lots of rowing.

Click HERE to sign up for all 3 events for $30!
You will still need to sign into each class on the schedule!

Click HERE to choose just one event for $20.

Row for LIFE!