The Crew Fitness Health Dare

The Crew Fitness Health Dare is a 5-week challenge for new and current rowers that dare to commit to exercise and healthy eating from March 6 - April 10. Health Dare participants will commit to rowing 21 Crew classes over the 5-week challenge.

Rowers that take the Health Dare can buy 5 weeks of unlimited classes for just $100!

Cost of entry for the Health Dare is $25, and includes a personalized nutrition plan. All rowers that complete the challenge will receive a limited-edition Crew Fitness T-Shirt upon completing their 21 classes during the challenge.

Click here to purchase your 5 weeks unlimited + $25 entry fee.

*The Health Dare is open to both new and current rowers. The $100 for 5 weeks of classes is only available to rowers not under any current contract, however all members can join the Health Dare for $25.

Current rowers under contract click here to enter the Health Dare.