Crew Fitness is excited to introduce the MyZone heart rate monitoring system to our program.

Myzone is a chest strap heart-rate monitoring system that displays heart rate, calories, time and effort to a monitor in our studio or to the Myzone App on your own device, while simultaneously creating an online logbook of all physical activity that you can access from your own device anywhere in the world.


Myzone users can:

  • Exercise inside and outside of a facility while their effort activity is recorded.
  • Login online anywhere and track their activity and progress.
  • Earn Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) for every minute of physical activity.
  • Participate in challenges based on physical activity and measure results.
  • Achieve goals by utilizing heart rate intensity feedback

Check out this video explaining the system-

How will MyZone be used at Crew Fitness?

MyZone is a tool our Crewmates can choose to adopt or not. It’ll never be required at Crew. The MyZone system provides you with personalized, accurate information about your workout – in both real time, and in the form of a detailed report about each workout. It’s fun to see how hard you’re working! And you can use the information you receive from MyZone to make adjustments to your nutrition or your fitness regimen.


You can order your MyZone monitor in the studio for $120, and we will have it in within 5-7 business days. As soon as it comes in, we’ll register it using your body metrics and it’ll be ready for use!