Crew Fitness is excited to offer nutrition coaching and accountability through our licensed nutrition and wellness consultants, Sam LeMond and Stacy Barber. The Crew Fitness nutrition program consists on a one-time nutrition education consultation with either Sam or Stacy where they will calculate your personal macro-nutrient needs, based on many variables. You’ll learn how to track your macros, and your coach will write you personalized meal plan. Then based on your needs, preferences and lifestyle, you’ll work with your coach to outline some sample meals, and she’ll talk to you about how to prepare them for each day.

After this initial consultation, you have the option of continued accountability with your coach including weekly weigh-ins, updated macros, and ongoing support. Your coach will communicate with you regularly, checking in on your goals and providing practical advice on how to stay on track. Worried about how to stay on track through a vacation? She’ll talk you through it. Worried about that work luncheon where none of the options seem to fit your macros, she’ll tell you what to do. Constantly have to feed all of the picky eaters in your house and worried because they may not like your new healthy food? Your coach will show you how to make healthy food that pleases everyone! Furthermore, once you reach your goal, your coach will teach you how to eat to maintain all of your progress.

Initial Consultation: $75
Ongoing Accountability: $100/mo
*First month only $25 with a 3-month commitment

To set up your initial consultation, email